Can I apply Roof-Reflect™ onto my new shingled roof?
Yes. Roof-Reflect™ is designed to be applied to new shingles, but it is best to wait approximately six (6) months to allow the new shingles to de-gas. New shingles experience most of it plasticizer leaching within the first six (6) months, after being installed. Roof-Reflect™ could trap in the asphalt’s plasticizer, which could interfere with Roof-Reflect™ adhesion to the shingle substrate.
Can I apply Roof-Reflect™ onto an older shingled roof?
Yes, Roof-Reflect™ is designed to be applied to an older and aged shingled roofs, as long as the shingled roof is just aged, and relatively good shape – with no leaks, shingle damage, or loss of shingles, curled-shingles, nail-pops, or algae-growth.
How do I apply Roof-Reflect™ to a shingled roof?
Roof-Reflect™ can be applied by spray, roller or brush.
How do I prepare my shingled roof before applying Roof-Reflect™?
The shingled roof must be clean, free of debris, and free of algae-growth before applying Castle-Armor™. Any rust stains, algae, shingle blemishes, etc. will be forever sealed in by our Roof-Reflect™.
How much Roof-Reflect™ will it take to do my shingled roof?
Every shingled roof is different. Different manufacturer, type, age, and condition. Therefore each shingled roof will use slightly different amounts of Roof-Reflect™ to obtain the proper coverage. Walters’ Coatings recommends two (2) applications for proper coverage. The second application will require significantly less Roof-Reflect™. Walters’ Coatings research indicates coverage of 75 sq. ft. per gallon for a 15 year aged shingled roof in good condition. The second application coverage was 150 sq. ft. per gallon.
Will Roof-Reflect™ stop leaks for ice damning?
Will Roof-Reflect™ stop wind-uplift of shingles?
Will Roof-Reflect™ fix shingled roof leaks?
Will Roof-Reflect™ prevent hail damage?
Roof-Reflect™ is designed and formulated to:
1) To SEAL the granules onto the shingles
2) To PROTECT the shingled roof against weather-related weathering
3) To help EXTEND the useful life, appearance, and value of a new, or aged shingled roof for approximately 5-7 years, with the option of a second application, to extend protection.
Will applying Roof-Reflect™ to my shingled roof void my manufacturers’ Warranty?
Yes. Manufacturer’s Warranty states that applying a shingle roof coating-sealant will void the manufacturers’ warranty. Check your warranty before applying any shingled roof coating-sealant.
All shingled roofs expand and contract with our climate’s temperature, will Roof-Reflect™ allow my shingled roof to expand, contract and breathe properly?
Yes. Walters’ Roof-Reflect™ is designed and formulated to allow a shingled roof to expand, contract, and breathe properly.
Is Roof-Reflect™ environmentally friendly?
Yes. Roof-Reflect™ is environmentally friendly. Roof-Reflect™ is a water-based product, and cleans up with warm soap and water. Please dispose of all dried Roof-Reflect™ material according to all local, state, and federal regulations.
Is Roof-Reflectr™ hazardous to work with and apply?
No. Although like all paints, coatings, and materials – please read, and educate yourself on how to work with Roof-Reflect™. Example, do not allow Roof-Reflect™ to freeze, wear gloves, eye protection, proper clothing, read Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Application Procedure, and when applying to a shingled roof, know and follow all OSHA Safety Rules and Requirements, etc.

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