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Hello and Welcome to Walter’s Coatings and Solutions Group, LLC

Our Business is about Protection, and to Making Things Last!

Protecting Your Shingled Roof, and Extending its Life is Our Goal!

Walter’s Coatings is a for-profit small business start-up, with big expectations, and plans to help people work as Independent Contractors, or helping responsible and accountable people start their own business, applying our initial product offering Roof-Reflect™.

Roof-Reflect™ is a professionally developed quality shingle roof coating-sealant. We will collaborate by offering product, safety training, and share best economical application practices with our partners, and by working together to help customers protect, and extend the life, appearance, and value of their shingled roofs.

Walter’s Coatings was is certified by the Stat of Ohio 5/1/2014, but our idea, research and work began approximately seven years before being certified.

We witnessed, along with first hand experience peoples pain, and cost of premature failures of shingled roofs, due to weather related aging, damage and algae-growth, which inspired Paula and Ron Walter to start their small business.

Our overall business goal is to help people, and manufacture, market and sell our professional developed quality protective coatings and sealants to the construction, remodeling and home-improvement industry and markets.

Roof-Reflect™ is again, our initial product offering, which was developed and formulated to address shingled roof’s premature failures due to weather-related aging, damage and algae growth.

Walter’s Coatings believes that a shingled roof is sacrificial, and virtually naked, with no protection against our weathering elements, especially UV rays from our sun, which dries out the shingles, and causes the shingles to crack, similar to a black-top/asphalt road or parking lot, think pot-holes.

Paula and Ronald Walter are the sole owners of Walter’s Coatings and Solutions Group, LLC. We are both Veterans, and Paula in the majority owner of our business.

Paula is cofounder, owner, President, and CFO. Paula served in the ARMY, as a movement specialist in Germany, and has worked as a team member in several food establishments, manufacturing firms, including clean-room operations, QC/QA, and worked with engineering and safety personnel to develop lean and safe production and processes, along with manufacturing and process training.

Ron is cofounder, owner and CEO. Ron served in the USMC, and has worked and been associated with the construction trades industry for a large part of his life. He has obtained valuable experience, and has a great appreciation for professional quality developed products. His work has included protecting products to make them last. Over Ron’s professional working career, he has worked with many professionals to help design products, processes, protective coatings and sealants, new product development, and R&D to protect many different materials and substrates.

Through out Paula and Ron’s working career, they have developed a great respect and appreciation for meeting customer’s expectations. They have collaborated with stakeholders, team members, customers and end-users to identify their critical requirements, expectations, as well as their wants and needs, which must be weighed and met for any well designed product and service to be a success.

Ron and Paula’s values include honesty and respect for all people, along with the willingness to listen, understand, and collaborate within their team to prioritize and accomplish a project for both short and long-term goals and objectives. They also value being open minded, with a win-win mentality, and have the realization that change is a constant in all our lives – and to accept and promote positive change.

Meeting all stakeholder’s identified requirements, needs and wants are critical to achieving value, successful products and overall results. Collaboration and building long-term working relationships is what Paula and Ron believe makes sales possible. We believe our products, and their value proposition, will help make Walter’s small business a success, experience growth and make sustainability possible.

Walter’s Coatings vision is to be a successful and sustainable business by offering professional quality products that provide our customers with solutions to solve their coating and sealant issues and challenges — to be the go to business for solutions, that offers protection, and make things last.

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Walter’s mission is to help people, and offer an exceptionally well developed professional product that performs as is advertised!

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